Monthly Archives: January 2009

The Informational Meeting

Well, today we went to find out what this whole People to People thing is all about. Mom and Dad were worried when they got the letter that it might be a scam. But by total chance, Dad met someone on a business trip that went through the program herself and in his words, “it was indeed one of those life-defining experiences for her, and she totally endorsed it.” Another one of his business contacts also knows poeple who’ve done it. And one of the delegation’s leaders, Audrey Sullivan, is the cousin of my Global Studies teacher at my school (Mr. Jason Sullivan) and a teacher herself. So by the end of this meeting we all knew this was a real chance for me to see another part of the world and earn college credit while I’m doing it! There’s just two things.

One, it’s competitive. There’s only 40 spots and there had to have been at least 400 families in the auditorium. It’s expensive, too. If I get accepted – a big if – then we’ll have to find away to raise thousands of dollars in a pretty short time.

But Dad said “hey look. This opportunity was given to you for a reason. One of your teachers obviously thought enough of you to nominate you in the first place (mom’s been saying this too). You’ve been given this opportunity for a reason. This is a chance for you to do something big…really big. You know your mom and I know at least 500 people, and I think that the people we know would be willing to throw $20 behind you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and when you get to be our age we tend to lament missed opportunities from our youth. They’ll want to see you do this. So 20 x 500 is 10,000. This is totally doable, and you can do some real good raising money for charity along the way.” He also said that his company would be my first sponsor.

I guess this is doable, but I’m worried that this might be something I won’t be able to reach. It’s really big and there’s too many ifs. We’ll just have to wait and see – my interview is in two weeks.