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1st orientation meeting

Hey Readers!

Today I had my 1st orientation meeting with my People to People delegation. I got to meet the other 29 people (26 delegates and 3 counselors) that I’ll be traveling with for the first time.

We did an ice breaking activity and received our travel journals. We learned about “ambassadorial behavior” and how to begin thinking like a representative of the United States in a foreign country. We passed out our bios and exchanged some phone numbers.

Some news: we also learned that we’ll be departing on July ninth, which is a little weird because it’s also my dad’s birthday. (you know that was top on his wish list!).

We also learned in detail what separates this extraordinary opportunity from that of a “normal” summer vacation.

First off, for most of us, this will be the first time that we’ll be so far away from our families. I’ve got to say that the thing that excites me the most, is also the thing that scares me the most: being on the other side of the world from everything I’ve ever known. Everything I own will be in one suitcase and one backpack. It’s a little overwhelming, but People to People has been doing this for over 50 years and their program has tens-of-thousands of alumni.

But what really has me excited is the fact that we’ll be meeting with the Australian prime minister Kevin Michael Rudd, and members of his cabinet to discuss current events and learn about Australian government, in addition to some of the challenges that Australia faces in the 21st century.

We’ll visit the Parliament of Australia (like us, they have a Senate and a House of Representatives), and spend two days with an Australian family in a home visit. We’ll go to school with their children and see how their school day is similar (or different) than ours.

The whole purpose of this program is to introduce young people to one another, to help realize President Eisenhower’s dream of enduring peace, and try and bridge the cultural barriers that still seem to stand between nations, today.

Well that’s about all. If you’ve already donated – thank you. If not, please take the opportunity to visit my Donation Page, to help get me on my way…I know times are tough, so whatever you can afford is very much appreciated!


No, I'm not Crazy! Just excited!

No, I'm not crazy! Just really, really excited!

WOW! I had my interview today and it went sooo well! Miss Sullivan accepted me on the spot! I can’t believe it. This is so exciting! Time to celebrate!

So now the real work begins. We’ve got to get a website put together and get this thing off the ground in enough time to earn the money. Ugh – there’s that feeling again.

Update Feburary 18: Just arrived today! Here’s my acceptance letter and my acceptance certificate!

My acceptance letter

My acceptance letter