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Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the meeting this past Saturday. I had a really bad cold. I did hear that we lost 8 members of our delegation for financial reasons, which brings us down to only 19 delegates. So, we’re pairing up with another delegation from Virginia.

They sent home a video about responsible behavior and also how to watch out for crooks who prey on tourists. One scam that I learned about is a kindof reverse psychology scam where the crook carries a sign that says something like “check your valuables against pickpockets.” Instinctively, the mark touches the place on his body or bag, where the valuables are – showing the crook exactly where to go. sneaky.

More to come. Thanks for reading!

Fundraising campaign kicks off today!

Well, it’s official! My dad helped me get the financials in place with PayPal and Google Checkout, and our fundraising site is officially open!

We’ve got a great start with over $2600 in early donations and pledges, but that only gets me a third of the way to where I want to be, with only 50 days to go:

So if you haven’t yet, please donate or pledge! It’s even easier than usual with the convenient donation button below:


Thanks in advance for your support, and remember, no pledge is too small (but please…nothing less than $1…that would just be silly), and no pledge is too big either!

Remember, Kangaroo and Wallaby sponsors will get a special Aussie keepsake from my travels abroad. So please give early and give often.

Next meeting coming up Saturday

Well it sure seems like the weeks are flying by! Our 2nd meeting is coming up this Saturday, and we have an ambitious agenda. A bunch of my fellow delegates are making research presentations on the City of Sydney, the Harbor Bridge, the Opera House and a lot of other things all about Australia.

We’ve also taken on a community service project of collecting canned goods to benefit one of our local food pantries. So far, we’ve raised over $200 worth of food donations.

More to come after the meeting.