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Sponsor page updated

Thanks to all of you who’ve sponsored so far. i’m sorry that it took me so long to get your names posted (final exams and all kindof took a front seat). If I’ve managed to somehow overlook anyone, please post a comment below and I’ll be sure to add you right away.

Final Meeting Today!

Well this is it! The last meeting before we go. It seems like such a long time ago that this all got started. Among the things I learned on the way: fundraising is a lot harder than my dad or I thought it would be and getting ready for a trip like this is a lot of work, even when you have experienced facilitators like Tammy and Audrey. I wonder how people are able to do it on their own.

I’ll make another post after today’s meeting, when I learn what our itinerary is.

Oh so close!!!

Thanks to some last-minute benefactors (namely my grandmas, godparents and a few others), I am now closer than ever to accomplishing my goal!

Just $361.00 stands between me and the goal I set out to achieve 5 months ago. Would you help put me over the top?


Our final meeting before going to Australia is this Saturday. We’ll find out what our exact itinerary is then. Soon as I learn what it is, I’ll post it here, so you can know what I’m doing on each day of this amazing experience.

$4,500! Only $2,300 to go!

Hey guys,

I just got an alert from Google Checkout on my most recent donation, which puts me over $4,500. Thanks to all my sponsors who have helped me get this far. and thanks in advance to all my future sponsors who will help put me over the top.

Now, if I could just get this stupid graph to keep the total running right. It’s like it resets to zero whenever it feels like it :-p

3rd Meeting

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the donations and pledges yesterday, all we have left to raise is $2400!

Yesterday we had another meeting with the people to people delegation. For economic reasons, five more of the delegates have dropped out 🙁

We discussed hotel behavior, packing and the home-stay visits. After watching videos on these topics, the parents went over to sign waivers and the students had an icebreaking activity. We all took an m&m and we had to talk about a certain topic. I had skill that I’m most proud of, and it would have to be my debate skills.

After that we read the waivers our parents had signed. Kind of creepy, as one line mentioned all the exciting new ways to die on a surfboard (dragged out to sea, being run over by another surfboard and the ominous “encounter with an ocean creature.” Less creepy (and kindof cool) is how the host family might ask us to pan for gold in the backyard: an activity that the Aussies call “fossicking”).

Our next (and final) pre-journey meeting is June 6th, and we leave in only 68 days!

Fundraising stall

Hi guys,

Seems the recession is taking its toll, because I’m hovering around $4,000 for the past few weeks, and that’s far short of where I need to be to be able to travel with my fellow delegates. So I need your help! Every dollar helps me get closer to my goal.

If you’ve already donated once, is it too much to ask for another pledge? Seriously, every dollar helps, plus you’ll get that good feeling of being on my sponsor page and knowing that you helped make this all happen.

Thanks in advance for your pledge and your donation!