The long leg home: Sydney to L.A.! (Updated-3)

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Now it’s time to do the whole thing in reverse! I’ve posted this the day before I left Buffalo, so if what pops up here contradicts anything I’ve posted the past 17 days, that’s the reason why.

So it’s 10:15 in the morning here, and if we’re on schedule…I’m on my way back across the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been awake since about 3:00 this morning, ‘coz we had to leave our hotel at 3:45 to catch the flight from Cairns to Sydney at 5:45. Yup, another marathon!

This flight’s faster than the one coming over, with under 13 and a half hours in the air, still 7,500 miles.

But in another mind-bending-time-traveler-sort-of-weirdo scenario: this time in crossing the International Date Line, I’ll end up landing in L.A. 3 and a half hours before I left Sydney.

Yup! Take off from Sydney at 10:15am on the 25th, land in L.A. at 6:40am on the 25th.

Hey, don’t ask me…you figure it out, my brain hurts! Bet the explorers of old never had to deal with this kind of wackiness. I mean seriously…what’s a little scurvy and the threat of starvation on a months long journey floating upon undrinkable water, no land in sight and only the wind to move you along, compared to having your brain split between two different days at the same time? On second thought…not so bad…no cause to complain. I love the 21st Century!

After we touch down in L.A., we’ll have a 3:30 layover. Next scheduled update at 2:20pm, Buffalo time tomorrow, when it will still be Saturday…again… (is it Groundhog Day? Wait, is that Bill Murray with a woodchuck in first class!!? Noooooooo!)

Time to go back to sleep!

En-route, you can follow this flight LIVE from Sydney to LAX on and But as we discovered on the way over, our exact position may not be reliable from between 3 hours out from Sydney and within 1 hour of LAX. So, they may appear to contradict each other.

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