Day 17: Goodbye Australia!!! (Updated-3)

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Can I just say that this is too early to be going ANYWHERE!!? It’s 5:45 Saturday morning and if I’m reading my itinerary right, I’ll have to be up at like 3:00am to leave with my delegation to catch this flight for the first leg of the journey home. I don’t think I’ve ever been up before dawn on a Saturday! It’s against the Teenager Code!!! It’s un-American! In fact, if Congresswoman Bachmann wants to do an investigation on un-American behavior, she can start with today’s itinerary!

Oh well…it’s also a long way off from where I’m writing this, I’ll probably have forgotten about it until the alarm goes off.

If we’re on schedule, I’m already on the plane from Cairns to Sydney, Qantas Flight 921. This is the first part of the 4-leg, 29-hour journey that brings us home! (Cairns -> LA -> Charlotte -> Buffalo) Like the flight from Melbourne to Cairns, at the time I wrote this post I wasn’t able to find a site that would track this flight live (remember they all seem to have a USA-only bias). Also like last time, my dad has agreed to update this post as-it-happens, he’s got some freaky iPhone app that does what the websites don’t.

Of course I’ll be sure to tweet when we land in Sydney, where we’ll have a blissfully-short 90-minute layover before taking the long leg from Sydney to L.A.

Next scheduled post at 8:15p.m. Buffalo time (10:15a.m. Saturday, Aussie time).

They’re aloft!