Donate Now!

Hey! Well if you’re here, you know that this site serves two purposes:

  • To let you know about how the trip is going (once I get there)
  • And to raise money so I can get there!

So, I’ve made it super-easy for anyone who wants to give a small (or big) donation to help me get to Australia with my group!

Just go straight over to my Google Checkout page and use your credit card! I have a suggested donation of $20 (see what others have donated) but I’m grateful for any and all donations. Just set your own donation amount below, and Google does the rest!


If you’d prefer do donate by check, you can either pledge here, or People to People has a Contribution form for you to download, and you can send it right to them. To make sure your donation is properly credited, you’ll need my delegate ID is:

  • Delegate ID: 10029003

Thank you very much in advance, for your help.