L.A. to Charlotte, N.C.

(Post scheduled in advance. For current updates and pictures (if I still have power by this point), follow me on Twitter!)

Ok. I’ve read some real horror stories about getting through customs at LAX. The TSA and customs agents have a terrible reputation for their attitude and by most accounts really seem to hate their job, reports of 1.5 – 3 hour waits to clear customs are common. I hope that isn’t my experience.

But even so, it should be enough time for us to make the next leg of our journey home. Instead of flying to Philly, like we did on the way out, we’re going through Charlotte, N.C. It’s a shorter flight, at only 4.5 hours and we’re expected to touch down at 7:02pm in our home time zone! It’ll be a quick turnaround for the scheduled 7:50pm flight home…let’s hope no delays.

You can follow this flight LIVE from LAX to Charlotte on FlightAware.com:

Next scheduled update at 7:50pm Home Time.