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Stupid swine flu!

Well, I suppose it had to happen somewhere, sometime. It seems that there’s such concern over swine flu, People to People decided that the planned home stay part of our experience had to be canceled.

Instead, we’ll be doing a Farm Stay.

Seems kind of ironic though, that a) I came to the other side of the planet to have part of my experience be something that I already experienced in my years as a student at Aurora Waldorf School (where the field trips were almost always to actual fields…and gardens…and orchards…and farms) and b) that by a complete coincidence one of the guys I went to school with during those years is a part of our delegation! Great to see you again Josh!!!

Day 5: Canberra

Yup, it's me!

(Post scheduled in advance. For current updates and pictures, follow me on Twitter!)

Today is Australian history day on our tour, as we spend our first full day in the Australian Capital. In fact, just like in the U.S., the Aussies have their national government seated in an autonomous area. In America, it’s the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.), and in Australia, it’s the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra, A.C.T.)

Here’s our itinerary of today:

  • We’ll learn how Australia has participated in armed conflicts all over the world at the Australian War Memorial.
  • We’ll go on an interactive tour of the Australian Institute of Sport, Australia’s training ground for its elite athletes.
  • Tonight we’ll enjoy a traditional Aussie BBQ at Gold Creek Station, and experience a sheep and cattle dog demonstration. (SHEEP! My mom would love this!)

Day 4: Goodbye Sydney! Hello Canberra!

Yup, it's me!

(Post scheduled in advance. For current updates and pictures, follow me on Twitter!)

After 3 days in Sydney, we depart for Canberra: the seat of the Australian national government! (link | link | link)

Now this is what I’m really into!

Being president of my 9th-grade class at the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (and going on to The Park School of Buffalo for 10th Grade), in addition to being heavily involved in the campaign to elect Barack Obama as our 44th President…it’s safe to say I have a serious interest in politics and government.

This is going to be cool!

Here’s our itinerary for today:

  • According to the itinerary, we’ll “take to the water at a pristine Australian beach and try our hand at surfing.”
    But ummm seriously guys … I can’t see this being very pleasant, considering that the average temperature in this part of the world is a high of 62°F in Sydney and a chilly 52° in Canberra!
    But you be the judge. Today’s weather for:

    Personally, I think that someone misplaced this particular item on the itinerary. But then again…there are places along that line of coast called “Maloney’s Beach” and “Surf Beach,” so I could be completely wrong…

  • We’ll also get acquainted with the city of Canberra, selected as the capital of Australia in 1908, because of its diplomatic equidistance between the archrival cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

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