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Philly to Los Angeles

PTP Small LogoIf everything’s on schedule, I’m now on the flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. Not like the commuter airliner I was just on (which thankfully was NOT one of those propeller jobbies)…this is a BIG plane!

In about five and a half hours, I’ll touch down in LAX, then we sit…for…six…hours…zzzz….Sudoku anyone?

You can follow this flight LIVE from Philadelphia to LAX on FlightAware.com:

Next scheduled update at 1:30am Home Time.

Well this is it! Buffalo to Philly…

PTP Small LogoBy now, I’m now on-board the airplane for the first leg of my journey. Starting now, I’ll be either on an aircraft or in an airport for almost 30 hours! So I’ve posted these in advance to automatically publish and I don’t have to worry about it.

You can follow the first leg LIVE from Buffalo to Philadelphia on FlightAware.com:

Next scheduled update at 2:00pm!