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Day 16: Our last full day in Australia!

Yup, it's me!

(Post scheduled in advance. For current updates and pictures, follow me on Twitter!)

Like I said on yesterday’s scheduled post, this seems so far off in the future, I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel by the time this day comes. But with this being the experience it promises to be, I think I’m probably going to be a little sad that this is coming to an end, but glad to be within two days of coming home to see my family.

Today is the day we see the tropical rainforest (a big change from the much cooler Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra), as well as meet some real Aboriginal people! I love ancient cultures and am really looking forward to this part of the experience to learn what makes these people unique and how they influenced the culture of the immigrants who came here and vice-versa.

Here’s our itinerary for today: