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Day 4: Goodbye Sydney! Hello Canberra!

Yup, it's me!

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After 3 days in Sydney, we depart for Canberra: the seat of the Australian national government! (link | link | link)

Now this is what I’m really into!

Being president of my 9th-grade class at the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (and going on to The Park School of Buffalo for 10th Grade), in addition to being heavily involved in the campaign to elect Barack Obama as our 44th President…it’s safe to say I have a serious interest in politics and government.

This is going to be cool!

Here’s our itinerary for today:

  • According to the itinerary, we’ll “take to the water at a pristine Australian beach and try our hand at surfing.”
    But ummm seriously guys … I can’t see this being very pleasant, considering that the average temperature in this part of the world is a high of 62°F in Sydney and a chilly 52° in Canberra!
    But you be the judge. Today’s weather for:

    Personally, I think that someone misplaced this particular item on the itinerary. But then again…there are places along that line of coast called “Maloney’s Beach” and “Surf Beach,” so I could be completely wrong…

  • We’ll also get acquainted with the city of Canberra, selected as the capital of Australia in 1908, because of its diplomatic equidistance between the archrival cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

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Day 3 in Sydney

Yup, it's me!

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After a busy two days in Sydney, on Day 3, our activities revolve around a single destination. The Full On Experience!

Gotta say, being afraid of heights as I am, I’m a little skeptical about whether or not I’ll participate in the “abseiling” activity…but we’ll see! It does look awesome though! (and thanks to my parents for overcoming their concerns and letting me decide for myself).

Hey PTP: you know, you could have a website where all the images work, you know!

Here’s our itinerary for today:

  • We’ll participate in fun and interactive workshops, as well as challenge ourselves as we abseil down an exposed rock face in Australia’s Blue Mountains (link | link | link). According to the materials, this is all designed to help us “achieve new levels of personal development.” Look for my report on exactly how that comes to pass!

Today is our 2nd day in Sydney

Yup, it's me!

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After our first night in Sydney, we’re ready to see what else this city has to offer!

Here’s our itinerary for today:

  • We’ll “hoist the sails” as we take to the water for an active sailing adventure of Sydney Harbour (link | link | link).
  • We’ll delve further into in Australia’s multicultural mix when we explore Sydney’s Chinatown (link | link | link).
  • Finally, we’ll take a guided orientation of the majestic and iconic Sydney Opera House complex (link | link | link).

Today’s Activities in Sydney

Yup, it's me!

(Post scheduled in advance)

If everything’s gone as planned, I should have touched down in Sydney by now! I’ve dreamed of flying all my life, but I never thought I’d spend so much time on a plane my first time out (more than a day traveling!)

After we touch down in Sydney, it looks like we’re going to be jumping right into the Sydney experience (I sure hope I can sleep on the plane, and that I’ve still got some juice left in my iPhone after 30 hours away from a charger. I brought this along too, just in case.).

Here’s our itinerary for today:

Google Map of Sydney

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L.A. to Sydney (Updated-2)

PTP Small LogoOkay folks…this is the marathon leg!

My body thinks it’s 1:30 in the morning (‘coz that’s what it is in Buffalo), even though it says 10:30p.m. on the clock, here in L.A. I’ve posted this in advance, but I’m guessing that by the time this flight is over, I’ll be very happy to finally get my feet back on solid ground.

Almost 15 hours in the air, 7,500 miles and in crossing the International Date Line about 9 hours into the flight, I’ll completely miss July 10, 2009…that’s right! Go straight from July 9, to July 11 *poof!*, do not pass go…was there $200 in there somewhere, or was I dreaming? Zzzzzzz….

I’m really excited though, about traveling on the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the 747…check out this video! Somehow I think that I won’t be in one of those premium or business class suites though…maybe someday…

Anyway…Sydney’s 14 hours ahead of New York time so even though I’ll land at 6:15 a.m. July 11 in Sydney time, it’ll be 4:15p.m. on July 10 for you folks back home, and then it’s straight off to our first day of activities in Sydney!

You can follow this flight LIVE from LAX to Sydney on FlightView.com

  • Qantas Logo Qantas Flight 12 (you’ll need to click the “Find Flight” button on the screen following the jump) here’s a sample:

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UPDATE from the Admin: Please use this link instead, FlightView doesn’t seem to work as expected:

UPDATE from the Admin: Evidently, FlightView and FlightAware use different tracking systems, which make it impractical (or impossible) to accurately track an aircraft over the ocean. The FlightView link is now working again:

  • Qantas Logo Qantas Flight 12
    (you’ll need to click the “Find Flight” button on the screen following the jump)